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Ekorevive works with you to create those little vital finishing touches to complete beautiful & stylish interiors. We take Vintage French Furniture & give it a modern stylish twist. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh or a comprehensive remodel, Ekorevive has the ability to deliver. You provide us with your unique story & we help you recreate a revived version of it, together.

Vintage quality French furniture made modern,

built to last not to throw away

Why Upcycle?

The carbon footprint story

Did you know that an average sofa’s estimate carbon footprint is equivalent to 10.1 gallons of consumed gasoline? There are some shocking statistics regarding our furniture’s carbon footprint. The findings highlighted that the production of many of our common household furnishings resulted in quite sizeable amounts of CO2e – the average piece of furniture consumes approximately 53 gallons of gasoline!

What has become apparent over recent years is the huge throwaway society we live in where everything is quick, on hand, deliverable immediately. Where quality is expensive & often out of reach. Yet we have a huge stock of quality vintage furniture that many might think should end it’s story in a skip. Not so! There is nearly always life in an old dog & at ekorevive we are passionate about bringing old furniture back into the land of the living a thriving. We upcycle or add 
a stylish, funky, modern twist, restoring it to a former or revived glory!

Who is behind ekorevive?

David & Charlotte are behind this style revival. They are huge fans of ecology, recycling what you can when you can but also of style & design. Behind every good idea is passion, behind every successful business is hard work & commitment.

Conscious of the massive environmental impact buying new furniture & throw-away accessories, David uses the most ecological products possible even using the remnants from previous jobs to create new masterpieces. Nothing gets wasted, everything has a purpose.

David lives with his partner Charlotte Saint Jean, a yoga teacher, writer and spiritual entrepreneur. Charlotte’s background in IT & now in the wellness world is the ideal calming & techie mélange required to compliment David’s practical skills. 

Their collective eye for detail lends itself well to finding that forgotten or odd ball object  in the dust and rubble, in car boot sales, antique stores or elsewhere. They unearth many a forgotten object just waiting for a new lease of life. David & Charlotte live with their 4 children in the French Alps.

Our founders


What does ekorevive do?

Based in Bourg Saint Maurice, we source all our pieces locally in the Savoie region of France. We are gifted with rich & varied influences, mixed cultures & an international clientele as well a wealth of local treasures. We take old, vintage, French antique pieces of furniture, mirrors, accessories, decorative pieces & restore or recreate them. Often taking furniture from one use & giving it a new twist & unique edge. Every piece is unique with some items even created just for you. Our bespoke, handcrafted lighting & our approach to interior decorating offer an additional touch of magic. We work with you to create or recreate something special. Your home is the reflection of who you are & how you want to live – so why not make it special!

Furniture Transformations

chair-before chair-after2
pair_of_chairs_before pair_of_chairs_after
table_before table_after
table_2_before table_2_after

Interior Transformations

bed_before bed_after
livingroom_before livingroom_after
livingroom_2_before livingroom_2_after

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